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great investments with little money

on Wed Dec 06, 2017 2:34 am
great investments with little money In order to start investing you do not need to be a millionaire. The risk we are talking about is not some kind of abstract risk. The higher the potential income, the greater the potential yield. This is a real risk of losing part of the investment. Let’s say the strategy can potentially bring 20% ​​of profit per month, with a drawdown of 10%. If you are going to invest a small amount - use small investments, for example, if you have free funds of 10 000 rubles, then you risk losing only 1,000 rubles. You can invest them in financial markets. Of course, if you take a higher risk, you can expect a higher profit. Deposits and savings certificates. In principle, these tools are good for beginners in terms of obtaining new knowledge. In other words, to save money on a deposit, until you figure out how to properly invest your capital. If you already know how to do this, interest on the deposit ceases to interest you. You can try the stock market PIF, but the income of this tool is not only not great, but too much depends on the state of the economy as a whole. Because the UIF does not allow you to open short positions - that is, to earn a decrease in the exchange rate. In addition, commission fees eat small bills fairly quickly. 15891
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