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buy bitcoin instantly

on Tue Dec 19, 2017 12:05 am
It is common buy bitcoin instantly knowledge that the currency of the Petequin enjoys a high degree of secrecy. In principle, it is true that all you need to send some of the petquins to someone else is his address. However, since every conversion is recorded in the KFH register, although you do not know the identity of the owner of any address, you can know how many bytes are in the possession and what addresses are sent to your home. If someone explicitly declares that they have certain addresses, you will be able to find out what addresses they sent to your home You have some money to him. Different addresses are recommended for different conversions to maintain a certain level of anonymity, although there are many who do not. Technically, tracking of the source of some suspicious transactions on a network is possible. Tracing conversions until they reach a well-known address is sufficient to verify the identity of the owner. It is true that the amount of data on all transfers is huge, but the power of computers is increasing and the traceability of these processes is very high. It is even more obvious that tracking petty thefts is much easier than tracking money theft on its paper body 98606
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